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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2004Taking the “bogus” out of the discourse concerning AsylumSousa, Constança Urbano deBook ChapterClosed Access
2019Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação e participação política: os protestos ocorridos no Brasil e em Portugal entre 2011 e 2013Araújo, Rafael de Paula AguiarBook ChapterOpen Access
2007O Terramoto Político (1755-1759): Portugal Aflito e ConturbadoSubtil, JoséBook ChapterOpen Access
2017Testing Dyadic Coping, Marital Adjustment and Anxiety as moderators of Fathers Pre-Natal AttachmentBrites, Rute; Pires, Mónica; Nunes, Odete; Hipólito, João; Vasconcelos, Maria LourdesBook ChapterOpen Access
2014The Common European Asylum System: reality, wishful legal thinking or synonym for shifting responsibility for failures of national asylum systems to the European level?Hailbronner, KayBook ChapterOpen Access
Jun-2019The Economics of Happiness: an approach to portuguese economyRibeiro, Sandra; Santos, António DuarteBook ChapterOpen Access
2012The ethics of mayhem: A cognitive bias in computer games!- act 2Costa, Gonçalo Jorge Morais da; Pawlak, Piotr; Silva, Nuno Sotero Alves da; Pietrzykowski, Adam; Fonseca, Tiago Filipe Rodrigues daBook ChapterOpen Access
2014The EU’s (Un)Common Visa Policy: Lost in AspirationsMananashvili, SergoBook ChapterOpen Access
2019The household as a driver for housing policy: is it a must? The case of the southern european countriesSantos, António DuarteBook ChapterOpen Access
2009The human centred approach to bionanotechnology in telemedicine: ethical considerationsCosta, Gonçalo Jorge Morais da; Silva, Nuno Miguel Araújo da; Silva, Nuno Sotero Alves daBook ChapterOpen Access
2015The international expansion of the self-proclaimed “Caliphate"Tomé, LuisBook ChapterOpen Access
2017The millennial generation: a study on digital consumption of Portuguese youthAmaral, Inês; Lopes, Paula; Quintas, Célia; Reis, BrunoBook ChapterOpen Access
2005The transposition of the Council Directive on carrier sanctions. The Decree-Law 34/2003Sousa, Constança Urbano deBook ChapterOpen Access
2017Transition to “fathering”: Dyadic adjustment and father attachment before and after birthPires, Mónica; Fernandes, Cristiana; Nunes, OdeteBook ChapterOpen Access
2019UAL and Open ScienceMira, Madalena RomãoBook Chapter???jsp.display.rights.OpenAccess???
2013União dos Proprietários/ União Companhia de Seguros (1918-1980)Dias, CristinaBook ChapterOpen Access
2017United Nations Security Council primacy over military interventions in Africa and the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA)Sousa, RICARDO Real P.Book ChapterOpen Access
2008Will the evolution of ICT ethics engage organizational transparency?Costa, Gonçalo Jorge Morais da; Prior, Mary; Rogerson, SimonBook ChapterOpen Access