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Title: The Economics of Happiness: an approach to portuguese economy
Authors: Ribeiro, Sandra
Santos, António Duarte
Keywords: Economics of Happiness
Gross Domestic Product
World Happiness Index,
Portugal Well-being Index.
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Linckia Integria
Abstract: One of the major motivational sources humans have is feeling happy. The issue of Happiness has been studied since Ancient Greece. Recently, though, this has become a research topic in social fields such as Economics. In the past three decades, studies have been made on Happiness in the scope of Economics. However, not many have been developed on the Economics of Happiness, since it is a recent research field. Thus, our study aims to present a literature review that includes reference to the main factors for the increase of happiness, as well as the relation between economics and happiness. Ours is a validity analysis methodology in which Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is considered an indicator of excellence to represent the population’s satisfaction level, evidencing the restraints and limitations to national income. We will describe the elements in the Well-Being Index in Portugal for 2004 to 2017 and link them to the country’s position in the World Happiness Index and in the world GDP. Considering that national wealth is one of the elements in the analysis of Happiness, there is a positive relation between the two variables in the referred time span. However, our analysis has led us to discover other variables more relevant for the analysis of the happiness level and whose results are debatable.
ISBN: 978-84-120734-2-3
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