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Title: The Product Policy and Tourism Market
Authors: Nedelea, Alexandni
Keywords: Economia
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. Departamento de Ciências Económicas e Empresariais. Departamento de Direito
Abstract: Integrated in the tertiary area, due to the heterogeneous range ofServices which are part of its activity, tourism is considered the most profitable economic sector with the most rapid development at the beginning ofthe third millenium. It occupies the secondplace in international trade after the oil industry, it is the main generator ofjobs in the world, the biggest internationalprovider ofgross domesticproduct and the most important capital investitor. This paper underlines the characteristics ofthe market andproduct policy in tourism. Forinstance, the complementarity ofthe Services that arepart ofthe touristic product impose conditions on the supply quality. Selling the touristic product has a higher risk than selling the material products. The touristic Services are hard to be presented to the potential clients, they cannot be tested before being bought and consumed nor can they be exchanged. The majority ofthe components ofthe touristic product (the touristicpatrimony, the general infrastructure and the touristic one) have a local character andpointing out their value is limited.
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISSN: 0873-495X
Appears in Collections:GALILEU - Revista de Economia e Direito. Vol.11, nº1(2006)

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