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Title: Educational Challenges: Cultural Behaviours, Psychopathology and Psychological Intervention.
Authors: Figueiredo, Sandra
Keywords: Education
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: In the present society we are facing behaviors mainly in young individuals that might be considered trends of culture or psychopathology. Both contexts are challenges for Education, Psychology and Health. This poster examines nine case studies specifically in Educational Psychology with the main goal to identify and to define phenomena contexts in school culture, the potential psychopathology involved and to present a psychological (and pedagogical) intervention for each case. The research was conducted by university students in the period between March 2017 and June 2017, in Portugal, and the childhood was focused. The case studies explored the cyberbullying; the bullying - victims and bullies’ perspectives; the obsessive compulsive disorder; the perception and inclusion of children from homoparental families; the inclusion of foreign students in the higher education systems as host institutions; the low vision and the inclusion in curricular physical activities; the influence of doc-reality and media in attitudes and self-esteem; and the influence of morningness and eveningness types for learning in the same school timetables. The university students were supervised during their research analysis and two methods were available for the intervention research study: the meta-analysis and the empirical research. In the second phase, the pedagogical intervention was designed for the different educational contexts in analysis, especially concerning the school environments. The evidence of literature and the empirical studies showed new trends of school’ behaviors and educational disturbances that require further research and effective (and adequate to age, gender, nationality and culture) pedagogical instruments. Respecting the instruments, on the one hand, to identify behaviors, habits or pathologies and to highlight the role and the training of teachers, psychologists and health professionals, on the other hand, to promote the early intervention and to enhance healthy child development and the orientation of the families. To respond to both milestones, this poster presents nine pedagogical projects that will be discussed on their impact concerning advances for the psychological and educational intervention, in a person-centered approach. Introduction
Peer Reviewed: no
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