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Title: A new model of hospital organization in 16th century modernity
Authors: Subtil, José
Keywords: hospital organization
new model
16th century
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa e Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Lisboa
Abstract: The Portuguese 16th century (for an overview of this period see Magalhães, 1993), particularly its beginning (reigns of D. Manuel I and D. João III), corresponds to a unique period, with reforms configuring the political and administrative model of the traditional and corporate monarchy that would last until the mid-18th century. We underline: the publication of the Ordenações Manuelinas [Manueline Orders] (1521) that, coupled with the timely invention of the printing press, experienced a new production and distribution of the Royal laws; the creation of the Desembargo do Paço [Supreme Court], the court of graça [pardon court] (potestas extrordinária) and control of the literate magistracy; the re-structuring of the Casa da Suplicação [Appellate Court], a higher judicial court; the organization of Casa dos Contos [Counting House] (1516); the creation of the Mesa da Consciência e Ordens [Court of conscience and orders] (1532); the Tribunal do Santo Ofício [Court of the Holy Inquisition] (1536); the municipalisation of the Kingdom, with a reform of the forais [foral charters] (1497-1520); the first census of the Kingdom (1527-1532); a very substantial increase in provisioning for the juízes de fora [municipal judges], corregedores [magistrates], provedores [umbudsmen] and desembargadores [appellate judges]; and a reform of the counties.
Peer Reviewed: no
ISBN: 978-972-8543-63-1
ISSN: cv-prod-2686894
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