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Title: Computing Changesets for RDF Views of Relational Data
Authors: Vidal, Vânia
Arruda, Narciso
Cruz, Matheus
Casanova, Marco
Brito, Carlos
Pequeno, Valéria
Keywords: RDF view
View Maintenance
Linked Data
Relational database
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: CEUR-Ws
Citation: Vânia Maria P. Vidal, Narciso Moura Arruda Jr., Matheus Cruz, Marco Antonio Casanova, Carlos Eduardo Brito, Valéria Magalhães Pequeno: Computing Changesets for RDF Views of Relational Data. MEPDaW/LDQ@ESWC 2017: 43-58
Abstract: The Linked Data (LD) initiative fostered the publication of a large number of relational databases in the Linked Open Data (LOD) cloud. A general and flexible way of publishing relational data in RDF format is to create an RDF view of the underlying relational data (RDB-RDF view). An RDB-RDF view can be materialized to improve query performance and data availability. However, an RDB-RDF view must be continuously maintained to reflect dynamic updates over the relational database. The contents of an RDB-RDF view, published on the LOD cloud, can also be fully or partially replicated by other LD applications to improve their efficiency. Thus, updates on an RDB-RDF view must be propagated to maintain other LD application views. This paper proposes a framework for the live synchronization of an RDB-RDF view. In the proposed framework, rules are responsible for computing and publishing the changeset required for the RDB-RDF view to stay synchronized with the relational database. The computed changesets are then used for the incremental maintenance of the RDB-RDF views as well as application views. The paper also describes a strategy for automatically generating, based on a set of mappings, the rules for computing the correct changesets for an RDB-RDF view. Finally, it suggests an architecture and describes an implementation and experiments to validate the proposed approach.
Peer Reviewed: yes
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