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Title: Iterative Multipacket Detection for High Throughput Transmissions in OFDM Systems
Authors: Souto, Nuno
Dinis, Rui
Silva, João Carlos
Carvalho, Paulo Montemuza
Keywords: Code acquisition and synchronization
Codedivision multiple access (CDMA),
Optical CDMA
Optical orthogonal codes (OOCs)
Issue Date: Feb-2010
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: N.S. Souto, R. Dinis, J. C. Silva, P. C. Carvalho, Iterative Multipacket Detection for High Throughput Transmissions in OFDM Systems, IEEE Trans. on Communications, Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 429 - 432, February, 2010
Abstract: This paper presents a multipacket detection technique for dealing with packet collisions in OFDM schemes (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). Instead of discarding collided packets as it is done in traditional MAC approaches (Medium Access Control) additional packets are transmitted and separated using Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) based techniques. Reliable detection and high throughputs can be achieved as long as different interleavers are used for different retransmissions. We also include a method for estimating the users involved in the collision.
Peer Reviewed: yes
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1109/TCOMM.2010.02.080247
ISSN: 0090-6778
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