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Title: O Homem como protagonista das ações de mitigação e adaptação no combate às alterações climáticas: o caso do aumento do nível do mar a nível global
Authors: Alves, Carla Freitas
Tonon, Ingrid
Castro, Fabrício
Keywords: Climate change
Rising sea level
Issue Date: 17-May-2017
Publisher: OBSERVARE. Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa
Abstract: The increase in global temperature caused by climate change has bringing such serious global consequences as the rising of seas and ocean level. According to scientific reports, cities, islands and entire countries are vulnerable to this event and can even will disappear. In order to protect the threatened environmental, it is imperative to adopt mitigation measures and to implement adaptation actions. By the combination of both strategies against the climate change, specifically the rising of sea level, it is possible to achieve a sustainable way of life. On the one hand, by mitigation the population can substitute technological actions in order to benefit more from natural sources of energy instead of highly polluting sources of energy. On the other hand, by adaptation, it is possible to stimulate and spread actions as recycling and reusing aiming to enlarge a sustainable style of life while preserving all sort of ecosystems. By bibliography and report analysis, we intend to confirm that Human Being is the protagonist of the implementation of a plan of actions including mitigation and adaptation measures in order to face the rising of sea level in order to minimize the effects of climate change on Earth.
Peer Reviewed: no
ISBN: 978-989-8191-84-7

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