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Title: Il labile confine tra terra e acqua: vivere Santa Susanna percorrendo la diga
Authors: Varesco, Valeria
Advisor: Lobo, Inês
Moreno, Joaquim
Keywords: Potentiate
Issue Date: 2-May-2016
Abstract: Pego do Altar’s dam and the village of Santa Susana are located in Alentejo, in central Portugal, and they are the main elements of this project. The location was chosen after several territory studies, which permit ted the recognition of the needs and potential of the landscape. The scenery is incredible, with a combination of water and hills. The problems are connected to the lack of management of the accesses to the dam and to the progressive abandonment of the village of Santa Susana. The relationship between the lagoon and the village is minimal: the lack of infrastructures to roam the territory and the lack of elements to remain in nature led to several reflections of the proposition. The following proposition suggests a physical connection between the village and the dam, with the introduction of certain elements that allow for new ways of roaming, staying and potentiating the survival of the area’s patrimony, whether it being the nature or the diverse structures. The aim is to intervene in nature with the least impact possible, letting the void, the water and the trees be the protagonists. The projects are con nected via the constructive techniques, which are made by containments in the technical sense, but also via the space, suggesting different experiences.
Peer Reviewed: no
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