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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
2003Israel: uma sociedade complexaAmorim, FernandoArticleOpen Access
2009IstambulMoita, LuísArticleOpen Access
Oct-2009Iterative Detection of Multicode DS-CDMA Signals with Strong Nonlinear Distortion EffectsDinis, Rui; Silva, PauloArticleOpen Access
2015Iterative Equalization and Interference Alignment for Multiuser MIMO HetNets with Imperfect CSIDinis, Rui; Castanheira, Daniel; Aido, Jorge; Magueta, Roberto; Silva, Adão; Gameiro, AtílioArticleOpen Access
Nov-2012Iterative FDE Receivers for UWB Systems with Strong Interference LevelsSilva, Mário Marques da; Dinis, Rui; Carvalho, Paulo MontezumaConference ObjectOpen Access
Dec-2010Iterative Frequency Domain Equalization and Carrier Synchronization for Multi-Resolution Constellations,Pedrosa, Pedro; Nunes, Fernando; Dinis, RuiArticleOpen Access
Nov-2011Iterative Frequency-Domain Detection and Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block CodesSilva, Mário Marques da; Dinis, RuiArticleOpen Access
2014Iterative frequency-domain detection for IA-precoded MC-CDMA systemsDinis, Rui; Silva, Adão; Teodoro, Sara; Gameiro, AtílioArticleOpen Access
May-2013Iterative Frequency-Domain Packet Combining Techniques for UWB Systems with Strong Interference LevelsSilva, Mário Marques da; Dinis, Rui; Paulo, MontezumaArticleOpen Access
Sep-2009Iterative Frequency-Domain Receivers for STBC SchemesSilva, Mário Marques da; Dinis, Rui; Correia, AméricoConference ObjectOpen Access
Feb-2010Iterative Multipacket Detection for High Throughput Transmissions in OFDM SystemsSouto, Nuno; Dinis, Rui; Silva, João Carlos; Carvalho, Paulo MontemuzaArticleOpen Access
2017Iterative Multiuser Equalization for Subconnected Hybrid mmWave Massive MIMO ArchitectureDinis, Rui; Magueta, R. L.; Mendes, V.; Castanheira, D.; Silva, A.; Gameiro, A.ArticleOpen Access
2016Iterative receiver based on the EGC for massive MIMO schemes using SC-FDE modulationsCarvalho, Paulo Montemuza; Dinis, RuiArticleOpen Access
2008A Índia e a iniciativa quadrilateralXavier, ConstantinoArticleOpen Access
1997Índice de Desenvolvimento HumanoMoreno, ConceiçãoArticleOpen Access
2005Jacques-Firmin Beauvarlet (1731-1897)Faria, Miguel Figueira deArticleOpen Access
2005Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (1707-1783)Faria, Miguel Figueira deBook ChapterOpen Access
2005James Carter e as experiências de mediaçãoSimões, Mónica RafaelArticleOpen Access
Dec-2016A janela emolduradaBuarque, IreneAnnotationOpen Access
2009O Japão entre a espada e os crisântemosCarmo, PauloArticleOpen Access