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Título: Security and Security Complex: Operational Concepts
Autor: Tomé, Luis
Palavras-chave: Security
Security Complex
International Relations
Data: 2010
Editora: OBSERVARE. Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa
Citação: Tomé, Luís (2010) "Security and security complex: operational concepts". JANUS.NET e-journal of International Relations, Vol. 1, n.º 1 (Autumn 2010), pp. 29-44 . Consulted [online] on date of the last visit, janus.ual.pt/janus.net/en/arquivo_en/en_vol1_n1/en_vol1_n1_art3.html
Resumo: Security is one of the most ambiguous, contested, and debated ideas in the conceptual framework of international relations. The "traditional" perspective has been severely contested as new approaches develop, and the concept of security has been reworked in all its fundamental components and dimensions, from object and reference to range and security instruments. Likewise, the discussion over the definition and characterization of international security systems, namely regarding competitive security, common security, cooperative security, collective security, and security community, continues to be very lively. Starting from these debates, and in the light of the current international situation, we propose operational concepts of security and of security complex.
Revisão por Pares: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11144/479
ISSN: 1647-7251
Versão do editor: http://observare.ual.pt/janus.net/en/previous-issues/61-english-en/vol-1,-n-%C2%BA1-autumn-2010/articles/31-security-and-security-complex-operational-concepts
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OBSERVARE - JANUS.NET e-journal of International Relations. Vol. 1, n1 (Autumn 2010)

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