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dc.contributor.authorSantos, Lara-
dc.contributor.authorSantos, Denise Capela dos-
dc.description.abstractAn objective performance evaluation, in privately owned health organizations, gives one the necessary feedback towards decision making, thus defining initiatives that lead to performance improvement. Therefore this is an essential tool to achieve efficiency and effectiveness reaching clinical results that health groups aim for, because it consider the resources available, for a service of excellence to be provided to its customers. The aim of this investigation is to build a customized tool to support managers in a privately owned health organization, being an exploratory work on selecting and weighting key performance indicators, which allow the development of an instrument that can be used for other health organizations, whether privately or publically owned. The investigation was developed based on the Balanced Scorecard conceptual model. The key performance indicators, and it´s weights, were selected and calculated threw statistical analysis of a questionnaire, where it was used a 5 point Likert scale. For the selection and weighting the KPI´s the following dimensions were taken under consideration: “without BSC use”, “with BSC use”, and “total 39 KPI´s”. We had the participation of 26 managers from a privately owned health organization in Portugal. For the data analysis was used the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software. The results obtained suggest the impact of using BSC setting KPI´s, both on the KPI´s to consider, but also on the proposition to monitor a limited number of KPI´s. The differences between the dimensions studied are more relevant when it comes to weightings. Results show evidence of the swing caused by using different perspectives of the BSC in the KPI´s weights, in the performance evaluating. Considering the 16 KPI´s one verifies that, by a descending order, a bigger weighting respectively of the Financial, Clients, Internal Processes and Learning perspectives. This last one perspective has little representation in the “without BSC use” dimension, and it gains representativeness in the strategic management system 7 “with BSC use”. We believe that this fact is very relevant, because of the importance we give to knowledge, competencies, commitment and motivation of healthcare professionals, for the organizational performance achievement, and for important clinical results, in the health organizations. The investigation considered that performance evaluation and strategy implementation are influenced by the selection and weighting of the KPI´s. Also the use of the BSC influences the selection and weighting of the KPI´s. So the management tools should be developed empirically, thus contributing for a management control model useful in performance evaluating of health organizations and decision making. This work is intended to be the beginning of the development of a strategic management custom model, developed on the basis of empirical evidence, and that can be adapted to an interactive software resulting from the triangulation of the Balanced Scorecard with other schools of thought, such as the European Foundation for Quality Management and Benchmarking, to facilitate the measurement and evaluation of organizational performances, both personalized and globally integrated, making more objective the decision-making process, in the health sector.por
dc.subjectPerformance Evaluationpor
dc.subjectBalanced Scorecardpor
dc.subjectKey Performance Indicatorspor
dc.subjectPrivate Hospitalspor
dc.subjectStrategic Managementpor
dc.titleSelection and Weighting of Performance Indicators in a Private Healthcare Organization: The Balanced Scorecard as a tool to support management.por
degois.publication.titleEuropean Health Management Association Annual Conference.por
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