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Title: Joint multi-user detection and intersymbol interference cancellation for WCDMA satellite UMTS
Authors: Silva, Mário Marques da
Correia, Américo
Keywords: S-UMTS
intersymbol interference
multiple access interference
commutation signaling
orthogonal code-division transmit diversity
multi-user detection
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Citation: Silva, M. M. da and Correia, A. M. C. (2003), Joint multi-user detection and intersymbol interference cancellation for WCDMA satellite UMTS. Int. J. Satell. Commun. Network., 21: 93–117. doi: 10.1002/sat.747
Abstract: In this work we present two different intersymbol interference (ISI) cancellation systems, namely the commutation signaling (CS) and orthogonal code-division transmit diversity (O-CDTD) in combination with satellite path diversity, which leads to a high diversity order. The ISI is due to the use of satellite path diversity (in order to introduce multipath diversity artificially). This work combines the proposed ISI cancellation systems with subtractive multi-user detectors—a variation of the conventional parallel interference cancellation (PIC) and successive interference cancellation (SIC) for the downlink channel of S-UMTS. The blind detection is also considered without knowledge of spreading sequences or the channel state information (CSI) of the interfering users with a noise whitening matched filter (NWMF) that combats the MAI through the whitening of the interfering power spectrum, also with and without the ISI cancellation systems—CS and O-CDTD. It is shown that the proposed PIC is a very promising detector to be used for the downlink of S-UMTS, especially when combined with CS or O-CDTD, the NWMF being efficient only when we consider jointly any of the proposed ISI cancellation systems for low number of interfering users
Peer Reviewed: yes
ISSN: 1542-0981
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