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Title: Interference in Composition: a Study on Written Essays by Portuguese Higher Education Learners
Authors: Fernandes Silva, Isabel
Teixeira, Ana Luísa
Keywords: Language Interference
Higher Education
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universal Publishers
Citation: TEIXEIRA, A.L.; FERNANDES SILVA, I. (2012) - Interference in Composition: a Study on Written Essays by Portuguese Higher Education Learners. Frontiers of Language and Teaching. Vol. 3. p. 213-218
Abstract: Higher education in Portugal suffered a deep transformation due to a new educationalmodel introduced by the Bologna Process. This European guideline also fosteredinternationalization and the exchange of students and lecturers. As a result, a commoncommunication language was imperative and English became a required course unitwithin higher education programs. In some institutions, English was already includedwhile in others it was introduced in the new study plans. Considering that these studentsare adults and that many have low skills in English language, interference of the mother tongue, Portuguese, is recurrent. Based on a written essay with the topic “Writ e about the person who has influenced you the most”, a list of examples of different types of interference was collected. False friends appeared as one of the most significant types,therefore becoming the first focus of research due to potentially leading tomisunderstandings in cross-linguistic communication (Chamizo Domínguez & Nerlich,2002). As studies on interference are scarce in Portugal, we aim to develop a project on this matter, thus opening up new possibilities for research, contributing to educators’ awareness and proposing new methodologies towards a rethinking of teaching andlearning English as a second language within higher education.
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ISSN: 2167-8642
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