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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
Feb-2019Anxiety, Depression, Dyadic Adjustment and Attachment to the Fetus in Pregnancy: Actor-partner Interdependence Mediation AnalysisBrandão, Tânia; Brites, Rute; Nunes, Odete; Hipólito, João; Pires, MónicaArticleOpen Access
2018Attachment and adaptation to breast cancer: The mediating role of avoidant emotion processesBrandão, Tânia; Schulz, Marc S.; Matos, Paula M.ArticleOpen Access
2023Attachment orientations and family functioning: the mediating role of emotion regulationBrandão, Tânia; Brites, Rute; Hipólito, João; Nunes, OdeteArticleOpen Access
20-Dec-2022Attachment orientations, emotion goals, and emotion regulationBrandão, Tânia; Brites, Rute; Hipólito, João; Nunes, OdeteArticleOpen Access
2019Attachment, emotion regulation, and well‐being in couples: Intrapersonal and interpersonal associationsBrandão, Tânia; Matias, Marisa; Ferreira, Tiago; Vieira, Joana; Schulz, Marc S; Matos, Paula MArticleOpen Access
5-Jun-2019Brief emotional screening in oncology: Specificity and sensitivity of the emotion thermometers in the Portuguese cancer populationTeixeira, Ricardo João; Machado, José C; Faria, Sara; Remondes-Costa, Sónia; Brandão, Tânia; Branco, Margarida; Moreira, Sara; Pereira, M GraçaArticleOpen Access
2022Burden and Parental Satisfaction in Informal Caregivers of People with Angelman Syndrome: A Mix-method StudyFerreira, Teresa; Brites, Rute; Brandão, Tânia; Nunes, Odete; Hipólito, JoãoArticleOpen Access
30-Jul-2019Classism in Pain Care: The Role of Patient Socioeconomic Status on Nurses' Pain Assessment and Management PracticesBrandão, Tânia; Campos, Lúcia; de Ruddere, Lies; Goubert, Liesbet; Bernardes, Sónia FArticleOpen Access
12-Feb-2019Dyadic coping, marital adjustment and quality of life in couples during pregnancy: an actor-partner approachBrandão, Tânia; Brites, Rute; Hipólito, João; Pires, Mónica; Nunes, OdeteArticleOpen Access
2017Economic insecurity and separation-individuation in emerging adults: The mediating role of self-esteem and depressionSaraiva, Luisa; Brandão, Tânia; Matos, PaulaArticleOpen Access
Jan-2020Effects of supporting patients with dementia: A study with dyadsBrites, Rute; Brandão, Tânia; Pereira, Francisco M; Hipólito, João; Nunes, OdeteArticleOpen Access
2015Eficácia das intervenções psicológicas em grupo dirigidas a mulheres com cancro da mama - Uma revisão sistemáticaBrandão, Tânia; Matos, PaulaArticleOpen Access
30-Nov-2022Emotion regulation and mental health among professionals of long-term care institutions for older adults: The mediating role of work engagementWobeto, Maria Isabel; Brites, Rute; Nunes, Odete; Hipólito, João; Brandão, TâniaArticleOpen Access
30-Apr-2019Experiences of breast cancer patients and helpful aspects of supportive-expressive group therapy: A qualitative studyBrandão, Tânia; Tavares, Rita; Schulz, Marc S; Matos, Paula MArticleOpen Access
2016Experiencing an Intimate Partner’s Breast Cancer: Attachment, Caregiving, and Burden in MenÁvila, Marisa; Brandão, Tânia; Coimbra, Joaquim Luís; Frederick, Lopez; Matos, Paula MenaArticleOpen Access
2019Learning styles determine different immigrant students’ results in testing settings: relationship between nationality of children and the stimuli of tasks.Figueiredo, Sandra; Brandão, Tânia; Nunes, OdeteArticleOpen Access
2017Marital adjustment in the context of female breast cancer: A systematic reviewBrandão, Tânia; Pedro, Juliana; Nunes, Nuno; Martins, Mariana V.; Costa, Maria E.; Matos, Paula M.ArticleOpen Access
Feb-2016Measuring emotion regulation and emotional expression in breast cancer patients: A systematic reviewBrandão, Tânia; Tavares, Rita; Schulz, Marc S; Matos, Paula MenaArticleOpen Access
2018Mothers with breast cancer: A mixed‐method systematic review on the impact on the parent‐child relationshipTavares, Rita; Brandão, Tânia; Matos, Paula MArticleOpen Access
2012O prolongamento da transição para a idade adulta e o conceito de adultez emergente: especificidades do contexto português e brasileiroBrandão, Tânia; Saraiva, Luisa; Matos, PaulaArticleOpen Access