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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeRights
Jan-2011Mathematical modelling in science and mathematics educationTeodoro, Vítor; Neves, RuiArticleOpen Access
2017Melhorar o ensino e a aprendizagem do electromagnetismo com modelação computacional interactivaNeves, RuiArticleOpen Access
2013Modelação computacional, ambientes interactivos e o ensino da ciência, tecnologia, engenharia e matemática.Neves, Rui; Teodoro, VítorArticleOpen Access
Jul-2013Modellus: Interactive computational modelling to improve teaching of physics in the geosciencesNeves, Rui; Neves, Maria da Conceição; Teodoro, VítorArticleOpen Access
8-Jan-2006Modified Gravity on the Brane and Dark EnergyElizalde, Emilio; Neves, RuiArticleOpen Access
13-Oct-2008A new path integral approximation to photon propagation in turbid mediaNeves, Rui; Guerra, RuiArticleOpen Access
3-Sep-2004On the Stability of Randall-Sundrum Braneworlds with Conformal Bulk FieldsNeves, RuiArticleOpen Access
16-Nov-1998Polchinski ERG equation and 2D scalar field theoryKubyshin, Yuri; Neves, Rui; Potting, RobertusBook ChapterOpen Access
28-Jan-2001Polchinski ERG Equation in O(N) Scalar Field TheoryKubyshin, Yuri; Neves, Rui; Potting, RobertusArticleOpen Access
27-Feb-2002Solutions of the Polchinski ERG equation in the O(N) scalar modelKubyshin, Yuri; Neves, Rui; Potting, RobertusArticleOpen Access
2018Symposium on Computers, Modelling and Interactive Environments in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics EducationNeves, RuiConference ObjectOpen Access
2014Teaching physics and mathematics for earth sciences with computational modellingNeves, Rui; Neves, Maria da Conceição; Teodoro, VítorArticleOpen Access