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Title: Classism in Pain Care: The Role of Patient Socioeconomic Status on Nurses' Pain Assessment and Management Practices
Authors: Brandão, Tânia
Campos, Lúcia
de Ruddere, Lies
Goubert, Liesbet
Bernardes, Sónia F
Keywords: classism
socioeconomic status
pain assessment and management biases
diagnostic evidence of pathology
patient distress
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2019
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Abstract: Research on social disparities in pain care has been mainly focused on the role of race/racism and sex/sexism. Classism in pain assessment and management practices has been much less investigated. We aimed to test the effect of patient socioeconomic status (SES; a proxy of social class) on nurses' pain assessment and management practices and whether patient SES modulated the effects of patient distress and evidence of pathology on such practices.
Peer reviewed: yes
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