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Título: Presentation of "FastTicket"
Autor: Oliveira, José
Rocha, Bernardo
Palavras-chave: ecological footprint
Data: Jul-2019
Resumo: One of the major concerns of developed countries today is the level of ecological footprint they leave behind. Over several years, countries have been trying to lower their footprints by implementing measures that improve these values. So, one of the measures generally implemented is to reduce the number of vehicles in major cities by promoting public transport. With the increasing use of these means of transport appears another problem, the great influx of public transport, which leads to the appearance of large queues for the acquisition of new tickets, especially in times of tourist influx, this can lead to an increase in the number of complaints in the ticket line and leaves customers dissatisfied. The same happens in other places that are quite frequented. In this project, some measures are proposed that allow a practical and quick use for the acquisition of tickets, thus avoiding these problems.
Arbitragem científica: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11144/4306
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