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Título: ShappList
Autor: Pinto, David
Chuva, Henrique
Correia, Pedro
Machado, Ricardo
Palavras-chave: Shapplist
Data: Jul-2019
Resumo: Shapplist created with the purpose of providing customers a simple and intuitive way to create shopping lists, while having the ability to share these with friends, co-workers or family members through an invite system. The available products are of equal importance, as these are collected from the main supermarkets in the country – Pingo Doce, Continente and Jumbo – allowing users to check which supermarket is best or which products are on sale. The application was developed with the purpose of it being able to be accessed by all kinds of devices, like computers, tablets or mobile phones. As such, it is considered a web app, capable of running on a variety of browsers and operative systems. The use of microservices as the design for the application’s architecture grants it a high level of availability and redundancy. These microservices are isolated from each other, not allowing the possibility of single points of failure, making more efficient the addition of new functionalities and enabling the ability to modify each of the microservices without the need to “shutdown” the entire application. Virtual machines were created for each one of the microservices in order to have full control over the applications’ execution. All virtual machines were setup in such a way as to allow the easy and fast replication of the application in a new system. The organization of the database emphasizes key points such as availability, redundancy and accessibility to the data, as well as providing a high level of efficiency on the execution of queries and clustering of data, using a well-defined and modularized structure.
Descrição: Projeto final de curso
Arbitragem científica: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11144/4305
Aparece nas colecções:DCT- Trabalhos de Alunos

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