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Title: The human centred approach to bionanotechnology - ethical considerations
Authors: Costa, Gonçalo Jorge Morais da
Silva, Nuno Sotero Alves da
Silva, Nuno Miguel Araújo da
Keywords: Ethics
human-centred approach
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of Pavia.
Citation: Costa, Gonçalo, Silva, Nuno e Silva, Nuno (2008). The human centred approach to bionanotechnology medical applications- Ethical considerations. In T. Bynum et al. (Eds). ETHICOMP 2008 (pp. 156-168). Mantua: University of Pavia.
Abstract: The primary challenge to promulgating a more human-centred approach to managing and accounting for innovation is: can we encourage innovation that adds net social value? At the same time, can we deter - or at least not encourage - innovation that serves malicious ends, or that poses grave threats to humanity? Therefore, the aim of this paper is to obtain answers concerning bionanotechnology as a research field, but which are their applications? What sort of ethical and moral dilemmas encompasses? And, does the level of such dilemmas is a sum of biotechnology and nanotechnology, or imposes new challenges?
Peer reviewed: yes
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