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dc.contributor.authorDinis, Rui-
dc.contributor.authorSilva, Paulo-
dc.description.abstractFuture broadband wireless communication systems are expected to be able to offer new and powerful services enabling fast transmission rates of several tens of Mbit/s. This is an ambitious challenge especially for mobile communication systems since these systems should be able to cope with severely time dispersive channels, associated to the signal multipath propagation. Moreover, these systems should have high spectral and power efficiencies, as well as high capacity and flexibility. Spread spectrum techniques, particularly coded division multiple access (CDMA) techniques allow high capacity and flexibility, continuous transmission requiring low-peak power requirements for the amplifiers, as well as some robustness against fading and time-dispersion effects associated with the multipath propagation. When employed in prefix assisted (PA) block transmission schemes combined with frequency-domain receiver implementations they become especially interesting for broadband wireless systems.por
dc.publisherRiver Publisherspor
dc.subjectFrequency-Domain Multiuser Detection for CDMA Systemspor
dc.titleFrequency-Domain Multiuser Detection for CDMA Systemspor
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