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Title: On the Assessment of Nonlinear Distortion Effects in MIMO-OFDM Systems
Authors: Guerreiro, João
Dinis, Rui
Carvalho, Paulo Montezuma
Keywords: OFDM
nonlinear distortion effects
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) schemes combined with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) modulations are widely employed in broadband wireless systems. However, the transmitted signals are prone to nonlinear distortion effects due to their high envelope fluctuations. In this paper, we present a simple analytical method for studying nonlinear effects in MIMO-OFDM systems. Our method allows accurate results for the power spectral density (PSD) of the transmitted signals, as well as the signal-to-interference (SIR) levels at the detection level. It is shown that the robustness to nonlinear distortion effects increases with the number of transmit antennas (for a fixed number of independent data streams).
Peer reviewed: yes
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1109/VTCSpring.2016.7504376
ISBN: 978-1-5090-1698-3
ISSN: 978-1-5090-1699-0
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