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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2010SAVIANO, Roberto (2008). Gomorra. Infiltrado no Império EconómicoOrmazábal, René Luis TapiareviewopenAccess
2010Noya, Javier (2007) – Diplomacia Pública para el siglo XXI. La gestión de la imagen exterior y la opinión pública internacional. Madrid: Ariel, 469 ppMartins, Marco António BaptistareviewopenAccess
2011Barbé, Esther (Director) (2010). La Unión Europea más allá de sus fronteras. Hacia la transformación del Mediterrâneo y Europa Oriental?. Madrid: Tecnos: 196 pp.Duarte, RitareviewopenAccess
2011Blair, Tony (2010). A Journey. London: Hutchinson: 718 pp.Balla, EvanthiareviewopenAccess
2010Valladares, Rafael (2010). The conquest of Lisbon – military violence and political community in Portugal, 1578-1583. Lisboa: Texto Editores, 332 pp (ISBN 978-972-47-4111-6)Mendes, João MariareviewopenAccess
2011Rajan, Raghuram G. (2011). Linhas de Fractura – As fracturas escondidas que ameaçam a economia mundial (Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy). Lisbon: Babel: 429 pp. ISBN 978-972-22-3024-7 (Translated by Carla Pedro)Paiva, AmadeureviewopenAccess
2012Dunoff, Jeffrey; Trachtman, Joel (eds.) (2009). Ruling the World? Constitutionalism, International Law, and Global Governance. Cambridge: Cambridge University PressKowalski, MateusreviewopenAccess
2011Kagawa, Fumiyo et Selby, David (ed) (2011). Education and Climate Change. Living and learning in interesting times. New York: Routledge: 259 pp. ISBN10: 0-415-80585-6Brito, BrígidareviewopenAccess
2014Gulbenkian Think Tank on Water and the Future of Humanity (2014). Water and the Future of Humanity. Revisiting Water Security. New York: Springer: 241 pp.Brito, BrígidareviewopenAccess
2015"The twenty years' crisis, 1919-1939: an introduction to the study of International Relations" (2001). Brasília: Publisher Brasília University: 305 pp. ISBN: 85-230-0635-4Teles, Matheus GonzagareviewopenAccess