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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2004Taking the “bogus” out of the discourse concerning AsylumSousa, Constança Urbano debookPartclosedAccess
2007O Terramoto Político (1755-1759): Portugal Aflito e ConturbadoSubtil, JosébookPartopenAccess
2017Testing Dyadic Coping, Marital Adjustment and Anxiety as moderators of Fathers Pre-Natal AttachmentBrites, Rute; Pires, Mónica; Nunes, Odete; Hipólito, João; Vasconcelos, Maria LourdesbookPartopenAccess
2014The Common European Asylum System: reality, wishful legal thinking or synonym for shifting responsibility for failures of national asylum systems to the European level?Hailbronner, KaybookPartopenAccess
2012The ethics of mayhem: A cognitive bias in computer games!- act 2Costa, Gonçalo Jorge Morais da; Pawlak, Piotr; Silva, Nuno Sotero Alves da; Pietrzykowski, Adam; Fonseca, Tiago Filipe Rodrigues dabookPartopenAccess
2014The EU’s (Un)Common Visa Policy: Lost in AspirationsMananashvili, SergobookPartopenAccess
2009The human centred approach to bionanotechnology in telemedicine: ethical considerationsCosta, Gonçalo Jorge Morais da; Silva, Nuno Miguel Araújo da; Silva, Nuno Sotero Alves dabookPartopenAccess
2015The international expansion of the self-proclaimed “Caliphate"Tomé, LuisbookPartopenAccess
2017The millennial generation: a study on digital consumption of Portuguese youthAmaral, Inês; Lopes, Paula; Quintas, Célia; Reis, Bruno CarriçobookPartopenAccess
2005The transposition of the Council Directive on carrier sanctions. The Decree-Law 34/2003Sousa, Constança Urbano debookPartopenAccess
2017Transition to “fathering”: Dyadic adjustment and father attachment before and after birthPires, Mónica; Fernandes, Cristiana; Nunes, OdetebookPartopenAccess
2019UAL and Open ScienceMira, Madalena RomãobookPartOpen Access
2013União dos Proprietários/ União Companhia de Seguros (1918-1980)Dias, CristinabookPartopenAccess
2008Will the evolution of ICT ethics engage organizational transparency?Costa, Gonçalo Jorge Morais da; Prior, Mary; Rogerson, SimonbookPartopenAccess