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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2013Africa in the 21th century: prospects and causes; effects on Arican StatesAlmeida, Eugénio CostaannotationopenAccess
May-2016An encounter between Francisco I and Kirill I: a small step in an approach full of uncertaintiesMilhazes, JoséannotationopenAccess
2011Bolívar, 200 years laterGomes, Nancy Elena FerreiraannotationopenAccess
2011BRIC countries: Brazil, an emerging powerGomes, Nancy Elena FerreiraannotationopenAccess
2014Cities and Regions: paradiplomacy in PortugalCurto, Helena Santos; Moita, Luís; Brito, Brígida; Quintas, Célia; Galito, Maria SousaannotationopenAccess
2012Climate change as the defining crisis for the 21st centuryMarques, Viriato SoromenhoannotationopenAccess
Nov-2017Communication for education. From teacher to facilitator in learning and discover processesCapogna, StefaniaannotationopenAccess
2018Comportamento OrganizacionalSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2014Concepção e Avaliação de Políticas PúblicasSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
May-2019Cross-border cooperation in the Galicia-Northern Portugal euroregionFerreira, VeraannotationopenAccess
2018Economia da Saúde e Avaliação EconómicaSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
21-Jan-2016Economia Portuguesa e Europeia: a crise de 2008-2013. Manual de apoioSantos, António DuarteannotationopenAccess
2012Emerging middle powers and global security challenges: the case of Brazil and Turkey - implications for PortugalBalla, EvanthiaannotationopenAccess
2014EmpreendedorismoSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
3-Apr-2019Empresas e negócios rumo ao futuro sustentávelSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2011Europe/Africa CooperationEsteves, HermínioannotationopenAccess
2012First OBSERVARE International Conference: International trends and Portugal's positionMoita, LuísannotationopenAccess
2013Fundamentos de EconomiaSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2013Fundamentos de GestãoSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2019Gestão de Recursos HumanosSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess