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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2013Africa in the 21th century: prospects and causes; effects on Arican StatesAlmeida, Eugénio CostaannotationopenAccess
May-2016An encounter between Francisco I and Kirill I: a small step in an approach full of uncertaintiesMilhazes, JoséannotationopenAccess
2011Bolívar, 200 years laterGomes, Nancy Elena FerreiraannotationopenAccess
2011BRIC countries: Brazil, an emerging powerGomes, Nancy Elena FerreiraannotationopenAccess
2014Cities and Regions: paradiplomacy in PortugalCurto, Helena Santos; Moita, Luís; Brito, Brígida; Quintas, Célia; Galito, Maria SousaannotationopenAccess
2012Climate change as the defining crisis for the 21st centuryMarques, Viriato SoromenhoannotationopenAccess
Nov-2017Communication for education. From teacher to facilitator in learning and discover processesCapogna, StefaniaannotationopenAccess
2018Comportamento OrganizacionalSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2014Concepção e Avaliação de Políticas PúblicasSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2018Economia da Saúde e Avaliação EconómicaSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
21-Jan-2016Economia Portuguesa e Europeia: a crise de 2008-2013. Manual de apoioSantos, António DuarteannotationopenAccess
2012Emerging middle powers and global security challenges: the case of Brazil and Turkey - implications for PortugalBalla, EvanthiaannotationopenAccess
2014EmpreendedorismoSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2011Europe/Africa CooperationEsteves, HermínioannotationopenAccess
2012First OBSERVARE International Conference: International trends and Portugal's positionMoita, LuísannotationopenAccess
2013Fundamentos de EconomiaSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2013Fundamentos de GestãoSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2019Gestão de Recursos HumanosSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2015Gestão Estratégica de Recursos HumanosSantos, Denise Capela dosannotationopenAccess
2010Hard, Soft or Smart Power: Conceptual Discussion or Strategic Definition?Brito, BrígidaannotationopenAccess