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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
19-Jun-2019Performance Evaluation of IB-DFE Schemes in Underwater MIMO Spatially Correlated ChannelsGuerreiro, João; Silva, Mário Marques da; Dinis, RuiarticleclosedAccess
2005Portugal: Report on the transposition of the Directive on temporary protectionSousa, Constança Urbano debookPartclosedAccess
2001A protecção temporária enquanto elemento de um sistema europeu de asilo.A proposta de Directiva Comunitária sobre a Proteção Temporária.Sousa, Constança Urbano dearticleclosedAccess
2005Report on the transposition of the Directive on mutual recognition of decisions on the expulsion of third country nationalsSousa, Constança Urbano debookPartclosedAccess
2009Segurança e Cooperação Internacional - Liberdade versus Segurança no contexto da Política europeia de ImigraçãoSousa, Constança Urbano debookPartclosedAccess
2005A segurança interna no espaço europeuSousa, Constança Urbano debookPartclosedAccess
2017A Simplified Massive MIMO Implemented with Pre or Post-ProcessingSilva, Mário Marques da; Dinis, RuiarticleclosedAccess
Dec-2018A simplified massive MIMO implemented with pre or post-processingSilva, Mário Marques da; Guerreiro, João; Dinis, RuiarticleclosedAccess
2004Taking the “bogus” out of the discourse concerning AsylumSousa, Constança Urbano debookPartclosedAccess
2004The emergence of an european asylum policy / L’emergence d’une politique européenne d’asileSousa, Constança Urbano de; Bruycker, Philippe debookclosedAccess
2002The New Portuguese Immigration ActSousa, Constança Urbano dearticleclosedAccess